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Silento - Wild - (DJWissyn Edit)
 Trap |2018-01-17 |720p
Krippy Kush (Nicki Minaj)
Farruko - Krippy Kush (Nicki Minaj) - (NYE 2018 Edit)
 Trap |2017-12-30 |406p
Turn Down For What
DJ Snake - Turn Down For What - (2018 NYE Countdown)
 Trap |2017-12-29 |406p
Ni Santas Ni Finas
Yomil y El Dany - Ni Santas Ni Finas - (IN Remix)
 Trap |2017-12-12 |406p
Bad Bunny - Chambea - (Intro-Outro)
 Trap |2017-12-12 |406p
Una Flor
Ozuna - Una Flor - (IN Version)
 Trap |2017-11-28 |480p
Sexto Sentido (Gigolo)
Bad Bunny - Sexto Sentido (Gigolo) - (IN Version)
 Trap |2017-11-22 |480p
Sensualidad (Prince Royce)
Bad Bunny - Sensualidad (Prince Royce) - (IN Version)
 Trap |2017-11-14 |480p
Vuelve (Bad Bunny)
Daddy Yankee - Vuelve (Bad Bunny) - (IN Version)
 Trap |2017-11-03 |480p
Krippy Kush (Bad Bunny)
Farruko - Krippy Kush (Bad Bunny) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-08-24 |720p
Cosculluela - DM - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-08-24 |720p
Ahora Me Llama (Bad Bunny)
Karol G - Ahora Me Llama (Bad Bunny) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-08-24 |480p
Blockia (Farruko)
Bad Bunny - Blockia (Farruko) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-08-22 |480p
Explicale (Bad Bunny)
Yandel - Explicale (Bad Bunny) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-08-22 |720p
Soy Peor (Remix)
Bad Bunny - Soy Peor (Remix) - (Intro-Outro)
 Trap |2017-08-07 |406p
Me Llueven (Mark)
Bad Bunny - Me Llueven (Mark) - (Intro-Outro)
 Trap |2017-06-29 |720p
La Ocasion (Arcangel. Ozuna)
De La Ghetto - La Ocasion (Arcangel. Ozuna) - (Intro-Outro)
 Trap |2017-06-22 |720p
Tocate Tu Misma (Bad Bunny)
Alexis y Fido - Tocate Tu Misma (Bad Bunny) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-06-09 |406p
Ahora Dice (Arcangel)
Ozuna - Ahora Dice (Arcangel) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-06-09 |406p
Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola (Bad Bunny)
J Balvin - Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola (Bad Bunny) - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-06-09 |406p
Mas Dinero Mas Problemas
Farruko - Mas Dinero Mas Problemas - (Extended)
 Trap |2017-06-09 |406p
Work (Drake)
Rihanna - Work (Drake) - (Collipark Remix)
 Trap |2017-06-06 |720p
Caile (Zion. Ghetto)
Bad Bunny - Caile (Zion. Ghetto) - (Intro-Outro)
 Trap |2017-05-29 |406p
Ay Mami (Bryant Myers)
Tito El Bambino - Ay Mami (Bryant Myers) - (IN Version)
 Trap |2017-05-29 |406p
Light My Body Up (N. Minaj
David Guetta - Light My Body Up (N. Minaj - (Intro-Outro)
 Trap |2017-05-15 |406p